Tips to Help You Choose the Best Vanity Mirror

Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors have existed since the Renaissance era. Over time, vanity mirrors have seen progressive evolution in designs. Currently, vanity mirrors are must-have items for every bathroom. Many features are being added to various vanity mirrors to improve the beauty experience and maximize the visual aspect of your bathroom. The elements added to the vanity mirrors include lighting, multiple designs and mirror sizes, mirror framing, and multiple mirrors.

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This article has exclusively enumerated the best tips for you to choose the best vanity mirrors.

How Do You Choose The Best Vanity Mirror?

Consider the following tips when choosing your best vanity mirror:


When choosing a vanity mirror or rather a bathroom mirror, always consider the size of your vanity. For a balanced and proportionate look, consider the size of your mirror to your vanity. Your mirror should be narrower or the same size as your vanity. Since it might be challenging to find a mirror that has the exact dimensions of your vanity, find a vanity mirror that has about 80% the size of your vanity.

Single and Multiple Mirrors

When your vanity is large, or when you have multiple sinks, it would be best to install multiple mirrors, one for every sink. You can also use a very wide mirror that accommodates all your sinks. However, when your vanity is small, with one sink, use one vanity mirror. To provide an illusion of a vertical look, always use a full-length mirror. A large mirror opens up your vanity by reflecting more light. You can also use multiple symmetrical mirrors for an aesthetic look, even when you have one sink. It will provide a pleasing and composite look to your vanity.


Another reason to install small and multiple mirrors is to allow for the use of scones. Multiple mirrors will enable you to place your scones between consecutive mirrors. To use scones, use mirrors that leave some spaces between them to provide room for installing the scones. When mirrors occupy about 70% of the width of your vanity, you will have room for scones instead of hanging them past the edges.

Wall to Wall Mirrors

You can install bathroom mirrors across all the walls of your vanity. It is best to use full-length mirrors that touch the ceiling. The arrangement of the mirrors makes the bathroom look more prominent and reflects more light. When using wall mirrors, it is cheaper as compared to installing stones or tiles around small mirrors. For the best look, use custom-fitted mirrors. Below your wall mirrors, you can add some splash of a splurge to give your vanity a gorgeous look.

Framed and Frameless Mirrors

With the current trends of vanity mirror designs, frameless mirrors have become more popular. One of the reasons is that frameless mirrors are more stylish and cheap. Frameless mirrors also offer modern appeal to your traditional bathroom. It provides it with a spar-like design. When using a minimalist and contemporary design, frameless mirrors are ideal. However, when you want to decorate your traditional bathroom, it is best to use a framed mirror with another décor. For the best balance, you can install a bathroom mirror with a simple frame. The best frame has less busy textured material and is a few inches wide. An example of a reasonable frame is a weathered wooden frame. It provides your bathroom mirror with fine finishing. Always ensure that your frame is of less heavy material.

Inset Mirrors

To provide a more modern design to your frameless mirror, consider inserting your mirror into the tiles. It gives a sense of the contemporary design of a polished framed mirror. The material of your wall technically frames your frameless mirror.

Round Mirrors

Most of the mirrors in the market are rectangular. However, the emerging trends in décor have led to the introduction of other mirror designs such as round mirrors. Round mirrors provide a relaxed appeal to your vanity. When you hang your round mirror from a chain or a strap, it gives a calm look. When using pedestal sinks in your vanity, consider using a round mirror. Round mirrors provide the best companion since pedestal sinks are also round in shape. When you have a glamorous wall finish in your bathroom that you want to show off, consider using a round mirror.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets are the best when you want some storage space in your vanity. These mirrors are best used in the inset cabinets. For more lighting in your vanity, install some lighting under your cabinets to provide some glow. The lighting eliminates the dark shadows from your cabinets.

Suspended Mirrors

When your bathroom layout is inconvenient, it is best to use a suspended mirror. In places with obstacles such as windows, you can suspend your mirrors from the ceiling, mounting on the rails, or a window frame. You can always mount your suspended mirror on any function spot in your bathroom.

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