100% Pure Cotton Face Towel (Bundle of 3)


Color your bath beautifully! The pure cotton face towel is a quick and simple way to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Woven with 100% cotton, these washcloths have a soft and plush feel compared with normal cotton ones. It always feels refreshing to clean your face with a soft towel after a warm shower! Made with 100% cotton fabric with breathability, it will give you the experience of hotel-spa feels.

Cotton towels have an extra soft feel and are absorbent, making these towels the ultimate in luxury and performance. These cotton towels offer the perfect combination of softness and strength. Soft and gentle on skin for both kids and adults.

You can use them pretty much anywhere! Hang some in the bathroom, put some in your gym bag when you work out a sweat or leave some in the high-quality guest room for your visitors!

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