Full Length Mirrors That Will Look Great in Any Room

Full length mirrors are a necessity for every household. A full length mirror helps you decide on the best outfit to wear before dashing out of your house. Mirrors provide a transformative and decorative appearance to your home. A full length mirror offers an illusion of ample space in your house. It also offers elevated optical illusions making your house brighter. There are several designs and a variety of full length mirrors.

Types of Full Length Mirrors for Any Room

Full Length Mirror with Cabinet

It comes with inbuilt storage with multiple shelves and drawers. You can comfortably store your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and cosmetics in the cabinet. The mirror makes life more comfortable by performing two functions, i.e. mirror and organizer. The cabinet allows you to keep your valuables safe and within reach. It can be used in rooms such as the living room, bedroom or even as a bathroom mirror.

Full Length Mirror with Cabinet

Wood Free-Standing Floor Mirror

Fitted with a wooden frame, this mirror is very sturdy. You can place it in any room and adjust it to any angle. It is very attractive and provides a clear and distortion-free view. It doesn’t take a lot of space, making it favourable to place in any room.

Oval Floor Mirror

The oval floor mirror is around full length antique mirror. Its hardwood frame provides you with a traditional touch while providing a modern twist to the mirror. It is a freestanding full length mirror at about fifty-nine inches tall. You can tilt it to any angle to your desired reflection. It is easy to install and can be placed in any room to provide you with vintage vibes.

Metal-Framed Full Length Mirror

It is a sturdy mirror fitted with a steel frame. Most metal frame mirrors are fixed with anti-rust frames. The mirror comes with a stand, with an option to use it as it is or lean it on the wall. It is made of shatter-proof glass. Therefore, you should not worry about your mirror breaking. Owing to its stylish design, this metal frame mirror provides expensive-looking and classy quality. It is a great mirror and is worth keeping in any of your rooms.

Wall-Mounted Full Length Mirror

The wall-Mounted mirror is a modern-looking mirror with its sleek looks and sturdiness. It has a high-quality finish with gorgeous rounded corners. The mirror can be mounted on the wall in any of your rooms. It provides a clear top to bottom view with one swoop. Mostly, this mirror is mounted on the walls of the bathroom, changing room, bedroom, and living room.

wall mounted mirror

Three-Panel Full Length Mirror

Fitted with three panels of full length mirrors, it provides professional triple views. You can easily see all your sides with these mirrors. It makes it easy when you want to cut your hair since you can see the back of your head. When you get dressed, you can see your outfit as well as your hair at every angle. With these mirrors, you don’t need to ask anyone how you look since you can view every part of your body at a go. You also don’t need to turn in circles trying to check your clothing and makeup.

Full Length Door Mirror

A door mirror is convenient when you live in a smaller apartment with limited space. It can be fitted in any door, bathroom door, living room door, or bedroom door. Full length door mirror is usually made of aluminum alloy for durability. The mirror is made of shatter-proof glass. Therefore, it is long-lasting. Mostly, the door mirror comes with a set of two hangers for your clothing, such as towels and other garments. It saves on the floor space since it is mounted on the face of the door.

Full Length Vertical with LED Lights

During the night, it becomes difficult to see your outfit in your mirror. When the lighting is deficient, there is little or no reflection. Therefore it is vital to acquire a full length mirror with LED lights. The LED backlights allow you to view your outfit clearly since they increase the reflections from the mirror. When the lights illuminate your face, there will be no shadows. Therefore, you can easily do your make up or take high-quality selfies. Batteries power the mirror; therefore, they don’t require electric wiring.


When getting ready for your office or a particular function, a full length mirror will be helpful. Apart from helping you get into a proper outfit, it also lightens up your room. The full length mirrors reflect light making your house brighter. Depending on your preference, you can get your desired mirror ranging from simple, sleek or modern. There are various varieties of full length mirrors to choose from according to colours, styles, and designs.

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