5 Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas That Actually Works

kitchen storage

Sometimes keeping your kitchen in order might be challenging. Despite the size of your kitchen, items might appear cluttered. That’s why you need kitchen storage and organization techniques to declutter your kitchen. Items such as cookware, glassware, utensils, pantry items, and food seem to occur in almost all your kitchen space. Some techniques can give your kitchen a more functional look as well as being less chaotic. You could implement several hacks starting from kitchen organizer racks, kitchen racks, storage racks, and other techniques.

This article has compiled the best five kitchen storage and organization techniques to give your kitchen a nice look and save on space.

What are the 5 Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas?

Install a Pot and Pan Rack

Installing racks on your empty wall space allows you to hang pans and other cooking tools such as pots. With this storage rack, you can keep tools that you use more frequently without wasting the cabinet space. You can add hooks on the racks to hang lids next to their corresponding paans or pots. It is a versatile storage solution, especially when your kitchen is tiny. You can blend your storage needs by storing candles and books on the top shelf of your kitchen rack while hanging pans and pots on the hooks.

pot and pan rack

Over The Sink Drying Rack

When you have a small space in your kitchen but wash many dishes, you need an over sink dish drying rack. It is a perfect vertical kitchen storage and organization technique to save on space. All you need to do is mount your kitchen rack on the wall above your dishwashing sink. The rack usually has many spaces for various items such as utensils, bowls, plates, soap, and other items. For an aesthetic look of your kitchen, store each group of items in their specific rack. This kitchen organizer rack saves a lot of space.

Sink Drying Rack

Knife Organizer and Cutting Board Holder

Instead of putting your knives and cutting board holder on your counter, you can put them in a vertical stand. The stand allows you to store your knives upright hence saving a lot of space in your kitchen. The stand has inbuilt storage for your knives and utensils. A knife organizer makes your cutlery more accessible when you want to dice, slice or chop your delicacies. You could also improvise a knife holder by mounting a wooden knife block on your kitchen wall. The knife block saves on the horizontal space since the knives are kept on the wall. To save on cost, you can design a DIY wooden knife block using a block of reclaimed wood.

knife organizer

Another method of knife organizer is using a bull to organize your cookbooks and knives. It is an impressive design to keep your cutting board, knife holder, and bookshelf in one place. It is an ideal kitchen storage and organization method to store your cutlery and cookbooks in the same place. When you hang this organizer, you will save on the counter space.

Organize your Fridge

There are several methods of organizing your fridge to maximize your space and make all the items in the fridge accessible. It avoids a situation where foodstuff in the hidden parts of your fried goes to waste after being untouched for weeks. One method includes installing a Lazy Susan in your fridge. You will be able to store your plastic and glass containers, condiments, and other stuff on top of it. Since it has a merry-go-round, you can access all the items in your fridge quickly.

Using magnetic tins, you can fill the tins with spices and place them anywhere in your fridge. It saves much space since you will be mounting the tins on the walls of our fridge.

You can hang a storage rack on your fridge. The rack allows you to keep several items. It provides additional space without purchasing another fridge.

When you want to make your fridge organized, place a clear desk organizer in your fried. You can arrange several items in the clear desk organizer. The most critical thing about this kitchen storage and organization technique is that the items are visible owing to the clear desk.

3-Tier Wire Fruit Basket

Instead of storing your vegetables and fruits in a bowl, you could keep them in a 3-tier basket. It saves a lot of counter space in your kitchen. You will take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen. The wire basket is cost-effective and straightforward to use. You only need to hang it from your kitchen ceiling. It is an excellent kitchen organizer rack for storing onions and garlic at the top, oranges, bananas, and avocados in the middle, and other large items such as bread at the bottom.

3 tier basket

The purpose of these kitchen storage and organization ideas is to make all your kitchen appliances fit into place and make your kitchen look presentable. You can always use these ideas to organize your kitchen, no matter the size. The best thing about these kitchen storage and organization designs is that most DIY solutions are very cheap. You can place your kitchen organizer racks at designated places in your kitchen to improve on appearance and save space. The result is a perfectly organized kitchen, thanks to the kitchen racks and storage ideas.

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